Patrick Eldon

Successful Tech Startup Entrepreneur and CEO of SaaS Company Acquired by Uber



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Patrick Eldon is an experienced chief executive and entrepreneur, serving as CEO of orderTalk Inc. from its launch as a SaaS company to its acquisition by Uber in 2018. Under Patrick’s leadership, the company grew from a fledgling startup to a leading provider of digital ordering solutions for the restaurant industry, processing more than $1B in annual transactions. He led successful capital raises with both angel and venture capital investors, oversaw the expansion of the company to three continents, and led an exit process resulting in an acquisition by Uber Technologies.

Business Highlights:

  • Served as CEO of orderTalk Inc. from launch to acquisition by Uber.
  • Grew operations to annual transaction volumes exceeding $1B.
  • Negotiated complex deals with vendors, partners, and customers.
  • Led successful capital raising rounds with angel and venture capital investors as well as an exit process.
  • Started his career as an attorney and partner in a South African law firm where he specialized in maritime law, the enforcement of mortgages on ocean-going vessels, and commercial fraud litigation as it related to maritime mortgages.
  • Served on the law firm’s executive leadership committee as well as chaired the marketing committee.

Patrick is married, lives in New York, and is expecting his first child in 2022. He is passionate about travel, gym, and the arts. He is also an angel investor and enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and companies looking to grow, having a deep understanding of the challenges they face.

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