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VP, Financial Services and CFO Coach



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Daniel Kim, a seasoned professional with a 25-year career in the investment banking industry, has held influential positions in renowned organizations, shaping his journey into a tapestry of accomplishments. Recognized by industry authority Brendan Wood, Daniel earned accolades as one of the top technology analysts, showcasing excellence in research quality, investment idea generation, sector knowledge, written report excellence, and research credibility.

For the last 5 years, Daniel founded and spearheaded an independent corporate advisory services organization, providing companies with a full spectrum of capital markets collaboration, including raising capital, M&A, and driving key growth initiatives.

Business Highlights:

  • CEO Coaching International, VP Product Development and Content: Aligned with CEO Coaching International’s Make BIG Happen System, Daniel spearheaded advancements in the product suite, tools, and operational models. Collaborating closely with coaches, Daniel facilitated in-depth analysis and crafted custom materials for client engagement, fostering a two-way flow of expertise. Daniel’s strategic insights on market dynamics and the creation of value-adding content strengthened the collective practice, exemplifying his commitment to high standards through innovative product development.
  • Satichi Consulting, Founder: As the founder of Satichi Consulting, Daniel served as a full-spectrum capital markets collaborator. His role spanned corporate development, investor relations management, guidance in strategic expansion, capital markets consultation, and facilitating funding access.
  • Baylin Technologies, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development: Reporting directly to Baylin’s President and CEO, Daniel played a pivotal role in analyzing competitive landscapes, identifying strategic acquisition opportunities, and providing data-driven insights for the leadership team’s initiatives. His expertise in recognizing emerging market trends and growth sectors contributed to the company’s success in aggressively growing and diversifying its business through accretive complementary acquisitions.
  • Paradigm Capital, Partner, Managing Director, Head of Research, Technology Analyst: As a member of Paradigm’s Executive Committee, Daniel managed the firm’s general operations, reviewed strategic initiatives, and oversaw compensation. In his role as Head of Research, he led a talented team covering diverse sectors, providing daily research approval, and driving innovation and critical thinking. His contributions extended to exploring new distribution channels and products, which saw the company grow over 10x during his tenure.

Daniel’s well-rounded academic background includes an M.B.A. from Queen’s School of Business and a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto. His transition into a corporate development advisor reflects his adept use of investment banking expertise. Married for 26 years with three grown children and based in Toronto, Canada, Daniel brings passion to both his professional endeavors and personal interests, including a broad interest in various sports and the outdoors.

Featured Podcast:

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