Gerry Perkel

Former Xerox and Tektronix President and Three-Time CEO



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Gerry Perkel brings a wealth of experience from his over 30 years of experience across multiple companies with several successful exits. He is known for being able to rapidly find the keys to creating success in businesses and assembling strong focused teams to deliver value creation across multiple market segments and geographies.

Business Highlights:

  • As CEO or Division President has led 7 different organizations with revenue levels from a $1M start-up to a $2B Division of Xerox
  • As President of the Color Printing and Imaging Division of Tektronix, led the organization to deliver multiple innovative products and over $400M in growth in four years, nearly doubling revenue in that time, and led the sale of business for $950M to Xerox
  • As CEO, led the turnaround of Merant, a software company, with $120M in revenue from significant losses to significant profit and created $240M in additional shareholder value in less than 3 years and led the sale of Merant to Serena for $380M
  • As CEO of Planar Systems, led the new investment in new Digital Signage marketplace, introduced multiple award-winning products, created over $100M in revenue growth in 4 years, and led the process for a successful sale to Leyard for $165M
  • Led organizations to create multiple breakthrough products, established new distribution channels and systems, improved operational performance, developed new processes, and won a significant share in the marketplace
  • Has negotiated significant licensing deals, over $1.5B in business sales, and multiple business acquisitions
  • Success in both U.S. and international markets including international experience in distribution, manufacturing, product development, licensing, and M&A

Gerry has a B.S. in Engineering from UCLA. He is married and a proud father to three successful adult daughters. Gerry is an avid golfer, having played 414 courses so far. He also enjoys traveling the world and has visited 39 countries so far.

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