Ahmed Hassan

Former Regional CEO for Colgate Palmolive in the FMCG and Pet Food Sectors

Ahmed Hassan


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Ahmed Hassan is a Regional CEO, Marketing VP, Board Member, Advisor, and Coach with 30+ years of global expertise in Operations, Strategy, Leadership, and Business Development. He possesses a keen ability to not only identify/analyze/troubleshoot issues and strategize growth plans, but also to lead and manage the execution of those plans while always laser-focused on profitable growth. These abilities, coupled with an open and inclusive leadership philosophy, have led him to tackle assignment in nine countries spanning four continents. Known as an operational expert, this geographic diversity is equally matched by diversity in size and scope, having led brands and businesses as small as $10M up to a region of $1B, as well as teams of just 3 to 450+ people.

Ahmed has successfully navigated a wide range of highly complex situations: Restructures, New Strategies, FX Volatility, Political Instability, Digital Transformation, GTM Transitions, and Regulatory/External Threats to name just a few. It was with a cool head, a steady hand, an eye for analytics, and an even leadership temperament that he converted these challenges into high-growth results.

More recently, Ahmed has channeled his focus to Boards, Advisory, and Coaching, mainly with Startups and SMEs. He has advised and coached several CEOs and C-Suite teams on strategy, leadership, fundraising, and scaling, as well as structure and operational execution. The inspiring results fuel Ahmed’s passion to further help companies reach their full potential.

Business Highlights: 

  • Led the Strategic Plan Development for a start-up that was instrumental for Board Approval and a 2nd round of fundraising. Sales results so far, at 6X in the last two years. 3rd round of fundraising is imminent.
  • As CEO in Pet Nutrition, achieved record profits from 2017-2020, +17% CAGR revenue growth since 2015-2020, in a highly volatile, complex, and regulated environment (Russia).
  • Successfully transitioned a GTM strategy to e-Com that saw that share of business skyrocket from 4% to over 40% in just three years (fastest globally).
  • Managed a complete turnaround, in just one year, of a Personal Care business in N. Africa after eight consecutive years of decline (resulting in over 20% sales and 35% profit growth) through a new brand growth strategy, factory restructure, and a new organizational design for greater effective execution.

Ahmed is a certified NED Board Member from the Institute of Directors and a Rotary Club Member.

After a nearly fatal car accident, Ahmed has learned the power of connecting to people. This is his true mantra and motivation – to build greater and more meaningful connections to the world around him. Those meaningful connections range from a heartfelt hello to a personal coaching session for a friend or even a distant acquaintance.

Ahmed is happily settled in Dubai with his new blended family and is delighted that his daughter frequently visits from the U.S. The travel bug still looms large for him since the age of 13 and now there is the booming MENA region to fully explore. He has a passion for music (mostly Classic Rock) and is moved by the amazing lyrical poetry from his favorite songwriters. He’ll be the first to admit he has a heavy right foot and thoroughly enjoys the car expeditions and rallies.

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