Christopher Justice

Former CEO at Pavilion Payments and Visionary Leader in Technology, Payments, and Gaming

Christopher Justice


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Chris Justice is a visionary executive known for his strategic leadership and innovation in technology, software, payments, and gaming. With a proven track record of managing business units from $25 million to $700 million, he has driven growth across diverse industries, including retail, lodging, automotive, e-commerce, and casino gaming.

He is passionate about mentoring and coaching high-performance teams, building strong relationships, and driving digital transformation and growth.

Business Highlights:

  • As the President of Global Payments Gaming (NYSE: GPN), Chris led the company’s expansion into high-growth sports betting and iGaming markets, introducing innovative products such as mobile cashless solutions, online gaming platforms, and automated self-service capabilities.
  • Chris was instrumental in the $415 million divestiture of Global Payments Gaming to Parthenon Capital, resulting in the creation of Pavilion Payments, where he served as CEO.
  • As the CEO of Pavilion Payments, Chris executed a comprehensive carve-out of all business functions—including technology, product, finance, HR, operations, call centers, legal, and regulatory—within the first 12 months, significantly enhancing financial performance and operational efficiency.

Chris is a board member of the American Gaming Association and is actively involved with BWG Strategy and FinTech Atlanta. Chris’s exceptional achievements and impact in the gaming industry earned him recognition as one of Global Gaming Business‘ “25 People to Watch in 2024.”

Chris is an adventurous individual who thrives on outdoor activities and hands-on experiences. He enjoys hiking and camping, embracing the beauty of nature, and the thrill of exploration. His passion for off-roading is evident in his highly modified Jeep, which he uses to tackle challenging terrains and embark on exciting journeys.

Chris and his wife share a love for international travel, exploring new cultures and destinations together. Their adventures around the world create lasting memories and enrich their understanding of the diverse global landscape. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada.