Michael Maas



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Michael is a successful professional manager and entrepreneur who, over a 20 year period, helped build and grow two different companies in the video game sector (Crave Entertainment Group, Solutions 2 GO LLC) to $300M in annual revenue each year.

Professional Summary:

From 1994 when Michael Joined Crave Entertainment Group to 1999, the company grew from $11M in revenue to $175M in revenue. During the later stages of this rapid growth, Michael and his business partner made numerous, almost catastrophic mistakes, and Crave Entertainment Group went from a $10M annual loss, a called loan, and near bankruptcy in 2000 to a profit of $15M and a successful sale to a publicly-traded company at an enterprise value of over $100M in less than 5 years.

After the sale of Crave Entertainment Group in 2005, Michael continued to serve as its CEO from 2005 – 2008 under public company ownership. After leaving Crave Entertainment Group, in 2009 Michael and his business partner started Solutions 2 GO; and from 2009 – 2014 Michael served as its CEO and led a team that organically grew the business from inception to over $300M annual revenue in less than 5 years.

In 2014, Michael resigned as CEO and sold most of his ownership interest in Solutions 2 GO to his business partner so that he could focus his time, effort, and passion on health, family, friends, and helping others in new and fulfilling ways. Michael is active in YPO-WPO and philanthropic causes and is very blessed to be able to help others through CEO Coaching.

Professional Highlights:

    • Helped build and grow two companies to $300M in annual revenue each and successfully exited both businesses
    • Helped turn around a business from a $10M loss and near bankruptcy to a $15M profit and a successful sale in less than 5 years
    • Helped lead a sale of a company to a publicly-traded company for over $100M in enterprise value
    • Served as CEO for a subsidiary of a publicly-traded company
    • Led a team that built a business from inception to over $300M in annual revenue in less than 5 years
    • Successfully exited a business by selling a majority of his ownership interest to his business partner
    • Serves on the advisory board for Solutions 2 GO
    • Serves on the advisory board for Pintar Investment Company, a professional residential real estate fund manager

Personal Highlights:

    • Served on the board of directors for Orange County Child Abuse Prevention (OCCAP) Organization from 2006 -2010
    • Served two terms as the former Chairman of YPO Orange County from 2010-2011 and 2012-2013
    • Serves as a board member of WPO Orange County
    • Serves on the advisory board for Gamechanger.org, a charitable organization devoted to serving severely and terminally ill children through the collective resources of the video game industry