David Sun

Apple Computer Pioneer


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David Sun is a proud partner at CEO Coaching International and an active coach. Over the last three decades, he has started a company that became the 5th largest reseller for Apple Computer worldwide; he was responsible for a (NASDAQ) technology company to increase their business ten fold. David has mastered his knowledge in technology, retail, marketing, distribution, real estate development and manufacturing both locally and internationally. He is ready to bring his 30+ years of experiences and knowledge to guide clients to achieve the next level of success. 

Professional Summary

Prior to joining CEO Coaching International, David has been a Chief Strategy Officer of a major Family Office and Private Equity firm. He has also been a key advisor to many successful firms and renowned business groups and councils including UCLA Economic Council and several Apple Advisory Boards. David developed many strategies to cultivate customers’ interests and motivate marketing and sales forces’ desires to dramatically improve sales revenue and bottom lines. He developed a successful formula for a startup business to become multifaceted in retail, wholesale and distribution to consumers, educational and corporate America markets. David’s knowledge in technology is far ahead of many as he is constantly getting involved with the development of the latest and future technologies that will become a major game changer.

With over thirty years of experience in getting technology companies into international markets (concentrated in Asia), David has pioneered in getting Compaq Computer (now part of Hewlett Packard) into China, getting Apple Computer into Asia and with establishing the world’s first Apple only store in Hong Kong. He has managed many offshore manufacturing sourcing overseas and has been creatively successful in all aspects of marketing; product development, advertising, promotional programs and many more as he has worked with four of the largest advertising and marketing companies in the world. He continues to be an innovator, pioneer, entrepreneur, and also a leader in technology, marketing, strategic planning, manufacturing and corporate structure worldwide.

David was awarded the “Entrepreneur-Retail Firm of the Year” at the Rose Garden of the White House by President Ronald Reagan and by Arthur Young/Venture Magazine in 1988. He is also one of the original founding member of Santa Monica Bay Chapter of YPO in 1986 and currently an executive member of SMB Chapter and also an executive committee member of China Business Network of YPO International

David strongly believes in “learn forever” mode. He frequently speaks to business leaders and college students alike about being a “sponge” by absorbing everything we encounter everyday in our lives; learning is a never-ending process. His persistent enthusiasm and knowledge always brings out the best in everyone who has ever worked with him.

  • Technology (current and future) companies
  • Retail, distribution, manufacturing sourcing
  • Strategy planning: growth, diversifications, M&A, manufacturing issues
  • Customer service, integrating technology, entrepreneurial, startup
  • Creative marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Contracting and sub-contracting
  • Real estate development and construction
  • Private Equity, family office, venture capital investments
  • Asia experience and knowledge: Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese) and some Japanese. Well connected in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and South Korea