Win BIG. Win Fast.

You invest in growth-minded companies and CEOs. We empower them. Our battle-tested coaches, all former CEOs, Presidents, and Founders, work with your CEO and Executive Leadership to build a world-class team, neutralize obstacles, and remain persistently focused on driving revenue and EBITDA growth.  We coach for company results, so you and they can win BIG and win fast.


We Focus on Growth and Your Desired Exit

We Focus on Growth and Your Desired Exit

Determine the Goals

We work with your CEO to refine your goals, convert them into quarterly milestones, and implement a plan focused on executing and tracking the specific and measurable activities that drive those outcomes.
We Focus on Growth and Your Desired Exit

Disciplined Process

We give our clients a disciplined process for strategy and execution, layering in best practices for building and leading world-class teams. Our Healthy Business Rhythms deliver accountability on long-term goals and shorter-term milestones.
We Focus on Growth and Your Desired Exit

Strategic Planning

We facilitate annual and quarterly strategic sessions to keep your Portfolio Company CEO and Executive Leadership aligned on outcomes, and ready to pivot as conditions require.
Increase the Value of your Portfolio

Highly Trained, Battle-Tested Former CEOs as Coaches

CEO coaching for your portfolio companies, combined with annual and quarterly planning sessions, are delivered by our world-class coaches. These experts are former CEOs, Presidents, and Founders who know their industry and practice a disciplined, yet flexible growth and leadership process with our proven Make BIG Happen System. Portfolio company CEOs and Executive Leadership teams aligned on outcomes, and ready to pivot as conditions require, will add exponential value to your investments.

Bring BIG to your Private Equity Portfolio.

“We have over a dozen of our portfolio companies using the Make BIG Happen System, having seen firsthand that firms coached by CEO Coaching International realize extraordinary growth in revenue and EBITDA.”

— Troy Templeton, Managing Partner, Trivest Partners
Private Equity Case Story

TEAM Services Group Invests in 24 Hour Home Care

CEO Coaching International Congratulates Client 24 Hour Home Care on New Partnership with Alpine Investors’ TEAM Services Group. TEAM’s confidence and investment will help 24 Hour Home Care continue to pursue expansion and merger opportunities while maintaining organizational core values and a people-centric culture.

Make BIG Happen

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