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ARMSRx is a consulting firm with a distinct advantage – our staff of highly seasoned, experienced and passionate professionals are uniquely positioned to provide pharmacy benefit consulting expertise to support and help manage all aspects of your pharmacy benefit program.

ARMSRx is a pharmacy benefit consulting firm with decades of experience in the Pharmacy Benefit Management landscape. ARMSRx has a “High Touch” service model proficient in Implementation, Account Management, Modeling, Ongoing Monitoring and PBM placement.

  • Pharmacy benefits  are the most highly utilized benefits with costs accounting for over 50% of medical spend. Let ARMSRx help you take control of your Rx costs!
  • Does your company self fund its pharmacy benefits?
  • Options available include double digit savings, greater plan customization, flexibility, and actionable data.
  • Costs are rising and pharmacy benefits are complicated. Let ARMSRx professionals of 30+ years provide an unbiased customized plan to help you truly manage specialty pharmacy and maximize savings.
  • We are successful in removing unfavorable language and ambiguity in contracts to truly measure and manage your Rx expenditures for your employees.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for a complimentary savings analysis to determine to how market competitive your plan is and what to do next!

Our seasoned team of expert consultants, provide a variety of pharmacy benefit consulting services including:

  • PBM RFP Management (PBM Evaluation)
  • PBM Contract Review and Contract Negotiation
  • PBM Audit Services
  • Leveraged, pre-vetted PBM contracts (with built in consulting services)
  • Clinical Consulting
  • PBM/PBA Development

Our clients are:

  • Self-funded employers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Health Plans
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Insurance Companies

Employers and TPA’s we would typically provide a PBM assessments against four pre-negotiated “Leveraged Contracts” to evaluate if their program is market competitive. If in fact the Leveraged contract proves to provide improvements our team can seamlessly transition them over to the one that is the best fit upon their renewal. In most cases the employer is already utilizing one of the PBM’s we have a contract with and the transition is simple with no disruption they simple jump onto a better contract with deeper discounts, services and rebates. Our team would manage the performance on-going ensuring the PBM is meeting their contractual obligations. Our compensation is built into these contracts and is disclosed.

Most Health Plans we would likely do Market Checks or RFP management, negotiation and placement of the PBM and Specialty Pharmacy. In many circumstances a Hospital Health Plan has their own in-house pharmacy that we would support the best solutions for the plan to save money and generate revenue at the same time for their in-house pharmacies. We also access whether it is the best scenario verses outsourcing. Audits are also popular for the larger clients. We are fee for service.

Management Care Organizations and Insurance companies we do the same as above although may suggest a hybrid approach to pharmacy benefit management and explore them building their own PBM to gain revenue streams, control and save their clients more on their pharmacy expenditures. We are fee for service.

Contact and Downloads

Jennifer Wilson
(407) 909-8004
[email protected]

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting Firm
105 Down Court,
Windermere, FL 34786-8629, US


linkedin – Jennifer


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