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Communication Works


Providing Hiring Intelligence to fast-growth companies since 2002.

Through their process, Communication Works, Inc. was able to discover and compare the intrinsic traits of a person in relation to the performance of a job. Hiring Intelligence predicts the success of the match between role and candidate in the hiring process. Communication Works, Inc. meaningfully reduces turnover, and increases leadership and engagement with the teams you have in place. Clients have included Uber, Bank of America, Aji Bio Pharma Services, IBM, State Farm, Better Business Bureau, Unleashed by Petco, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, TaskUs, ACI Apartments, McKinney Advisory, Victra Wireless, Nixon Peabody and more.

Mindy Bortness’ Story
Even from a young age, Mindy Bortness had specific ideas when it came to her life goals. Seven-year-old Mindy, with a friend, envisioned this: owning a lush 500 acres of land where 500 dogs would be free to roam, play and live.

Dreams of hundreds of puppies soon gave way to bigger dreams – a move to California, working her way up the corporate ladder at several organizations and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Along the way, she discovered her love of people was just as strong as her love of furry friends.

But never mistaken Mindy’s kind heart and compassion for someone who doesn’t take charge. She is commands a room with her executive presence in Fortune 500 conference rooms. She has difficult conversations with CEOs about how they could be leading better. She’s taken on communication and cultural challenges that intimidate many, transforming stagnant, disengaged teams into thriving, enthusiastic ones.

A series of career success and pitfalls contributed to Mindy’s tough-as-nails, yet deeply caring, style. Over the past nearly 20 years, Mindy developed herself into one of the most sought after communication consultants. She’s worked with Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Bank of America, using the very DISC tools that proved so enlightening for her early in her career. Companies use Mindy to help them hire with intelligence, build productive and lasting teams and overcome communication challenges.

Mindy believes hiring is an intelligence, not a routine. She and her team implement a hiring intelligence system for high growth companies. With one custom link, Communication Works profile roles and compare candidates against them so that high-growth companies can hire with greater alignment and confidence.



Contact and Downloads

Mindy Bortness
(858) 395-7814
[email protected]

Communication Works
Escondido, CA 92025, US

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