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Premier M&A Advisors


Premier M&A Advisors is a full-service business acquisition firm specializing in the confidential process of buying and selling privately-held companies.

Step into the realm of business acquisitions with Premier M&A Advisors, your dedicated ally in the dynamic world of buying and selling privately held companies. Built upon the pillars of Respect, Integrity, Education, Fortitude, and Patience, our tailored services promise seamless and triumphant transactions.

Experience the advantage of our confidential processes, tailored solutions, and access to exclusive proprietary resources. Through our “Off-Market” search program and unwavering commitment to confidentiality, we elevate your exposure to the highest levels. From navigating intricate financial and legal intricacies to delivering certified business valuation services, Premier M&A Advisors ensures your journey in business acquisitions is strategic and victorious.


Experience Tailored Business Acquisitions with Premier M&A Advisors: customized strategies, a confidential process, and an experience-driven approach for seamless transactions tailored to meet the unique objectives of every business owner.


Unlock strategic advantages through our proprietary and third-party tested resources, strategically utilized to benefit each client in the M&A landscape. Ensuring pass-through benefits, our high-integrity staff culture, led by driven brokers and professionals, brings our mission to life.


A proprietary initiative designed to ensure the highest level of success within the acquisition process. Tailored to your preferences, our program assists in identifying acquisition criteria, considers industry preferences, revenue size, location factors, and management requirements. Benefit from professional guidance as we navigate the strategic phases of opportunity identification, initiation of contact, non-disclosure processes, and comprehensive evaluation of potential acquisitions.


Unlock the true value of your business with Premier M&A Advisors’ Certified Valuation Offering – precision in business valuation guaranteed. Aligned with National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) practices, our certified valuations set the highest standard, qualified for court procedures, and widely accepted in legal proceedings, buy-sell arrangements, and Small Business Administration (SBA) transactions. Tailored for businesses with historical revenues over $2MM or those demanding a rigorous valuation process due to complexity, our Certified Valuation Offering ensures accuracy and reliability in every valuation.

Contact and Downloads

Ben Strake
(636) 667-9409
[email protected]

Premier M&A Advisors
1851 Craig Park Court
Saint Louis, MO 63146



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