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Even if your business appears healthy today, there is no such thing as being too prepared for a recession. Explore our latest webcasts and guides to stay prepared for upcoming economic changes.

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If you’ve been watching the U.S. economy, you’ve likely spent some time pondering how a potential recession will affect your business. The good news is that there are things you can do now to turn any crisis into an opportunity. This 5-Step CEO Playbook will help you prepare, overcome, and conquer the impending recession.

Prepare to Win BIG, Even During a Recession

We’ve compiled the definitive checklist of the 20 areas of your business you should review now to prepare for and tackle the impending recession. This checklist is born from the collective wisdom of our former CEOs, all of whom have led businesses through a recession before and have made turnarounds in part because of them.

Going through this checklist with one of our coaches is your insurance policy for your company surviving and thriving through this crisis.

Additionally, our coaches can take you through a quick liquidity test that will gauge whether you have enough cash on hand to get through the crisis, and whether you need to make a cost reduction, and by how much.

Don’t delay in taking these steps now. You can never be too prepared for a downturn.

Explore the 20-Point Recession Checklist with an Expert Coach

Recession Preparation

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Our CEO coaches have led businesses through recessions before and many of them have done turnarounds in part due to recessions. Watch our webcasts to stay ahead of the economic changes to come.

Recession Scenario Planning: Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

it’s time to take inventory of your risks and build a plan that addresses each potential scenario. Our expert panel will talk you through our 4-step process to developing a risk mitigation plan and provide case stories from their deep experience as battled-tested former CEOs.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Preparing for the Recession

We believe there’s a recession coming. An economist can tell you why a recession is happening, but they can’t tell you what you should do to overcome and conquer it. Watch this webcast to discover best practices, risk mitigation options, and potential business opportunities during a recession.

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