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CEO Playbook to Drive Big Growth During a Recession

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If you’ve been watching the U.S. economy, you’ve likely spent some time pondering how a potential recession will affect your business. The good news is that there are things you can do now to turn any crisis into an opportunity. This 5-Step CEO Playbook will help you prepare, overcome, and conquer the impending recession.


In this complimentary eBook, you will learn the keys to preparing for a recession:

Build a cash bridge
Maintain a “Triple-A” supply chain
Reevaluate your pricing strategy
Create a sales roadmap, plan, and playbook
And more!

An economist can tell you why a recession is happening, but they can’t tell you what you should do to overcome and conquer it. This CEO playbook is filled with wisdom and battle-tested insights from our world-class coaches, all former CEOs, who have led businesses through recessions before and have done turnarounds in part due to recessions. We know how to win in this environment.

During these turbulent times, “the strong survive, but the adaptable thrive,” as Partner and Coach John Giegerich says. Use this 5-Step playbook as your guide to “thrival.”

If you have questions as you read the eBook, or a particular business challenge comes up that would be helpful to talk through with someone who has been in your shoes, our coaches are available for a complimentary, no obligation session. Book an appointment immediately by calling 866-914-1328.

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