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CultureWise offers the world’s first turn-key, end-to-end operating system for culture.

Based on the book, Culture By Design, by David Friedman, CultureWise helps companies create, drive, and maintain a high-performing, sustainable culture, with a proven system that’s straightforward, practical, and easy to use. CultureWise helps small and mid-size companies (10-1,000 employees) to more intentionally and systematically create a high-performing culture.

CultureWise helps you build and operationalize your culture in 4 simple steps:

  1. Define the behaviors (we call them “Fundamentals”) that drive success in your organization.
  2. Create and deploy the rituals necessary to teach and practice those behaviors with consistency.
  3. Engage your workforce for maximum impact.
  4. Serve daily high-quality teaching content to your team through the use of a powerful mobile app.

One of our clients, MHS Lift, made a testimonial of the lasting impact of a high-performing culture to their business over eight years. You can find the video here. Customer Journey: MHS Lift | Corporate Culture | (culturewise.com)

Contact and Downloads

David Friedman
(609) 472-3960​

415 E Oak Avenue
Moorestown, NJ 08057, USA