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Airfox's 13x Revenue Growth in One Year

Case Story

The Scenario

When Victor Santos became CEO of Airfox, he needed to invest in software development to keep up with the company’s high growth. A huge opportunity arose to partner with Via Varejo, one of the most well-known multinational megaretailers. At the same time, he had to manage funding, potential cryptocurrency deals, and a rebrand of the digitally inclusive Brazilian neo bank app banQi.

Who has time to implement healthy business rhythms with a to-do list that long?


The Approach

CEO Coaching International implemented best practices from the proven methodology known as the Make BIG Happen System to drive the BIG growth they were looking for:

  • Conducted weekly leadership team meetings which helped him, and his team consistently stop and ensure that the company was progressing week-over-week in the right direction.
  • Through the Move-the-Needle sessions, Victor and his team focused in on the KPIs of their quarterly initiatives.
  • On a weekly basis, Victor and the Airfox team focused in on the specific and measurable activities they needed to execute on to achieve their HOTs.

The Results


Revenue grew thirteen times in one year.


Airfox exploded from 1,000 active transacting users to 500,000 in 18 months.

$ M+

Airfox had a successful multi-million dollar sale to Brazilian multinational retail giant Via Varejo for a jaw-dropping valuation.

“My business was a TechStars start-up when I first met CEO Coaching International. While working with my coach, we were backed by Launch Capital and NXT Ventures, closed a $6.5 million round of funding, and grew like crazy. By implementing the Make BIG Happen System methodology, our platform exploded from 1,000 users to 500,000, and revenue grew 13x in less than two years. Ultimately we were able to sell to a multinational retail giant at an extraordinary valuation.”

Victor Santos – CEO, Airfox
Airfox Team

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CEO Coaching International

Executive Coach

Meet Don Schiavone, The CEO Coaching International Coach behind Airfox’s success.
Meet Don Schiavone


Learn more about Victor Santos and Airfox by visiting their website.
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Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO

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Case Story

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