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Wild Health


Health Care, Not Sick Care

Personalized, genetics-based, concierge Precision Medicine to help you live well longer.

Founded by two emergency medicine physicians with a penchant for pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery, Wild Health is a Precision Medicine service delivering personalized, genetics-based health care to maximize healthspan. With a team of board-certified physicians –also trained in Precision Medicine – accredited health coaches, and hospitality-driven care coordinators, they provide members with a distinctive care experience defined by collaborative treatment, unmatched expertise, and unparalleled results.

Focused on proactive, preventative, and holistic health, Wild Health developed the first Precision Medicine algorithm, Clarity. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Wild Health synthesizes an individual’s genetic, biometric, and phenotypic data to create a blueprint for better health and wellbeing across all key pillars: nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery, and neurobehavioral, as well as assessing chronic disease risk and microbiome health.

Wild Health’s Premium Program is an all-inclusive concierge medical experience designed specifically for top executives, athletes, and high-performers. Each individual is paired with a dedicated, board-certified Precision Medicine Physician along with a full team of experienced practitioners who are experts in extending longevity, maximizing health span, elevating performance, and achieving your targeted health goals efficiently and effectively.

There are a few ways individuals and companies can utilize Wild Health’s services:

Hear from Dr. Matthew Dawson, CEO and Co-Founder of Wild Health, on the value of the Premium Program: listen here.

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