2024 Make BIG Happen Summit

Join us for a transformational two-day event
designed for CEOs and leaders!

April 26-27, 2024
Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey with leaders at the epicenter of transformation in business, technology, and health at the 2024 Make BIG Happen Summit.

This one-of-a-kind event will shatter any preconceived notions you have about conferences you’ve been to before. In just two days, you’ll get inspiration and tools to make a BIGGER impact than you ever thought possible in today’s ever-changing world.

Hear from our Make BIG Happen Summit mainstage speakers, and connect with them in breakout sessions designed to help you dig deeper into topics you care about most. Then, unpack your learnings with our community members in world-class socials.

When hundreds of the world’s boldest CEOs unite with visionary experts at the Make BIG Happen Summit, anything can happen. What we know for sure? You’ll find perspective-shifting learning, life-altering relationships, and BIG fun you won’t find anywhere else.


Join us as world-renowned storytelling expert and M.C. LaQuita Cleare leads us through four groundbreaking event themes that are redefining the future of business and life as we know it.


Today is yesterday in the world of technological innovation. If you’re thinking of AI now, you’re already behind. Our experts at the Make BIG Happen Summit will help you leap ahead exponentially so you can get in on an industry that’s expected to reach $2 Trillion by the end of the decade.

One of Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders in the world and preeminent tech and longevity expert Peter Diamandis will show you a future in which no business is untouched by AI and your company is on the cutting edge.

Once you see what’s possible, get strategies to adapt and win BIG in this new world from AI data and analytics mastermind Asha Saxena, who has dedicated her career to our automation-forward future for years.


Longevity isn’t measured in years; it’s in how well you live those years. When you’re healthy, everything else falls into place.

Discover your “Life Force” at the Make BIG Happen Summit with Peter Diamandis, who wrote a book on the topic in collaboration with Tony Robbins, and hear from others with cutting-edge perspectives on living the best life you can.

Real estate mogul Peter Fioretti will inspire you to prioritize your health with the same passion you do your business.

Get tools for planning a healthy future with precision health expert Dr. Matthew Dawson and skills to make the healthiest choices today from wellness experts Adam Sud and Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe.

Finally, explore the possibilities of something new as Kaia Roman demystifies psychedelic therapy and shares the power of dropping your assumptions and opening your mind.


Seventy-nine CEO Coaching International clients have exited for $17.6B in value since 2010. Position yourself to get in on the same extraordinary success.

Learn sales strategies at the Make BIG Happen Summit that will revolutionize the way you sell, put you ahead of the competition, and exponentially increase your bottom line from co-author of The Challenger Sale Matt Dixon.

Uncover secrets to achieving mega-wealth from self-made billionaire and Discovery Channel star Glenn Stearns; elevate your business acumen with Henry McGovern, who left the United States as a kid with a dream and ended up a European fast-food business icon; and position yourself to reach the top from Rob Follows,a record-setting Everest-climbing mountaineer and M&A expert dedicated to helping entrepreneurs make extraordinary exits.


Three things in life are true: everybody dies, everyone pays taxes, and there will be another Recession.

Whether that downturn is financial or personal, when disaster strikes, you can bury your head in the sand or face reality, prepare, and make the best of the situation. Our Make BIG Happen Summit speakers will remind you the BIGGEST wins emerge in the most challenging times, and the resilience of the human spirit has no limits.

Britnie Turner will share her incredible story of leaving behind the typical entrepreneurial path to fight injustice alongside sexual abuse survivors and give life-saving purpose to military veterans with Jeremy Locke.

Dr. Robyn and Adam will get vulnerable about traveling to hell and back on their personal journeys; Glenn and Henry share their unthinkable underdog journeys to super success; and Rob will get candid about the mountains he’s climbed to get to where he is today. You’ll need to hear these stories to believe them.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami. Be prepared to make at least one life-changing connection!



See why the energy, insights, and community
draw CEOs year after year.


“It was by far the best conference I have experienced and look forward to attending many more in the future.”

– Roberto Icaza, Rapido Solutions Group

“I left feeling inspired, motivated and with a new perspective. Extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend and listen to successful entrepreneurs and hear their stories.

Thank you CEO Coaching International!”

– Shannon Wilson, NewDay USA

“Forget everything you know about previous or other similar ‘CEO-Type’ events you’ve ever been to. This is on a different level.

There is no quantifying the ROI of that…. the ripple effects are still felt now and today. And I’m sharing it with my team, my family, my friends. It was truly transformational.”

– Ron Ben Zeev, World Housing Solutions

Clients: $3,350 per ticket when you buy before January 15, 2024 (save $500!); $3,850 regular price

Non-Clients: $4,250 per ticket; limited capacity

Groups encouraged: Buy 4 tickets and get the 5th ticket free