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Identifying the Best Time and Strategy for a BIG Business Sale

Guest: Jennifer Wilson, founder and CEO of ARMSRx, a pharmacy benefit consultancy and a Strategic Partner of CEO Coaching International.

Overview: In many cases, the most challenging step in a successful business sale is the first: deciding that now is the right time to sell. Once you’ve identified favorable market conditions or an optimal partner, the CEO has to clarify her objectives and build out the support team she needs to prepare herself and her company for its next BIG chapter.

On today’s show, Jennifer Wilson explains why, after turning down suitors for years, she finally decided to sell her company, as well as the nuts and bolts strategy that she implemented. Jennifer also shares a personal story of overcoming adversity that was formative to her entrepreneurial drive and determination.

Jennifer Wilson on the turning point that led to her business sale:
“When people were knocking on my door, it was really just to give us money. It was really more to fund us and to partner and we felt like we were doing okay on our own. I wanted the luxury of being able to run our own company at the terms that I wrote. Then the competition started getting very tight in the last eight years and we started losing some business and winning some business, but we were feeling some pressure. I felt like we had a good-sized book of business and a sale might be worth exploring.”

Jennifer Wilson on improving her company’s valuation:
“In the first go-around, we learned a lot and we realized we weren’t getting credit for what we felt was revenues that were going to be coming in. We had just started getting a big incline of new business and so we decided to wait and let our business grow for three years. We needed to show three years of steady, increased income instead of the level income that we were achieving year over year. So we did wait and it was worth the wait to show that we could demonstrate that our increased revenue was real. It was described to us as we were a hockey stick — we had a trajectory going upward and nobody was going to pay us for that until we could prove it. And so we were able to prove it and then it was time to go out to market.”

Jennifer Wilson on assembling and managing a top team:
“Almost everybody that works for us we have met somewhere along the line in the industry. They’ve worked for a pharmacy benefit vendor that we used, they worked for a client, we met them at a conference. So there’s always been some sort of interaction along the way. I think one of the reasons why our employees work so well together is I don’t micromanage them. Most of our people work remotely from their homes, and they have the entire time they’ve worked for our organization. I give them a long leash and they do their jobs. I have no reason to micromanage them. Everybody that works for us is an expert at what they do.”

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