Join CEO Coaching International and UBS for an educational recorded webcast on the state of the U.S. Economy.

In the first installment of our new quarterly series, Jason Draho, Head of Asset Allocation Americas for UBS, addressed the U.S. economic outlook.

Watch the replay to find out his expert take on the chance of a recession, inflation trends, and how high interest rates could go.

Meet Our Panelists:

About Jason Draho, PhD

Jason is a member of the Chief Investment Office and is responsible for tactical and strategic asset allocation in the US. He works closely with the CIO team globally to generate tactical trade ideas across the full spectrum of investment opportunities. He also leads the development of portfolio models in the US, as well as providing general portfolio solutions advice. He speaks frequently with financial advisors, clients, and the media, presenting UBS views and specific investment recommendations.

Moderator: Chris Larkins

Senior Partner & Chief Coach, CEO Coaching International