You’re Invited to a World-Class Virtual Experience with CEO Coaching International

Weds., june 26, 2024
9am PDT / 12pm EDT


Find out how to Define and Hire for Culture in the first event in our new CEO Summer Academy virtual event series, designed exclusively for CEO Coaching International’s elite CEO clients. This exhilarating 90-minute session will be held on Wednesday, June 26 at 12pm ET.

As the visionary leader of your company, you understand that culture is the heartbeat of your organization, influencing every facet of performance. That’s why we say YOU are your company’s Chief Culture Officer (CCO).

As you strive to Make BIG Happen, the challenge is ensuring your culture can grow and evolve to support your ambitious goals. Surprisingly, the most critical and often neglected step in scaling your culture is defining it with absolute clarity.

In our dynamic and interactive workshop, you’ll uncover:

  • Why your current vision, mission, and values might be falling short
  • The game-changing difference between “values” and “behaviors”
  • The fatal mistake to avoid when developing your culture
  • How to articulate your culture with precision to fuel scalable growth
  • The debate: should your culture be aspirational or a reflection of the present?

Leading this transformative session is none other than culture guru David Friedman, CEO of CultureWise. With three acclaimed books, over 1000 workshops, and experience helping more than 800 companies, David is the ultimate authority on building scalable cultures. As both a client and a strategic partner of CEO Coaching International, he brings unparalleled expertise and insight.

But that’s not all. Marty Parker, the visionary CEO and Founder of Waterstone Human Capital, will then take the stage to reveal how to hire for cultural fit once you’ve crafted the perfect culture. Since 2003, Waterstone has been at the forefront of cultural talent management, specializing in recruiting for fit, culture transformation, leadership development, and much more across North America.


  • 5-Minute Energizing Welcome
  • 50-Minute Workshop and Breakouts with David Friedman on Defining Your Culture
  • 25-Minute Masterclass with Marty Parker on Hiring for Cultural Fit
  • 5-Minute Powerful Wrap-Up and Reflection

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights and practical tools to revolutionize your company culture and ignite unstoppable growth. Reserve your spot now and position yourself for unprecedented success in the second half of the year!

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