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Cyrus Sigari on the Future of Everything

The future of everything is here, and regardless of your industry, it will impact how you do business.

At the 2022 Make BIG Happen Summit, Cyrus Sigari, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of UP.Partners venture capital firm and former CEO of jetAVIVA, shared a masterclass on converging technologies, the close relationship between mobility and energy, and their global implications.

Humans face challenges. But Cyrus, a lifelong adventurer, sees hope in rapid technological advances and a future grounded in what Jeff Bezos calls “adventure and fellowship.”

Watch his entire presentation above, and read highlights from his talk below.

Cyrus on the significance of the new internet:

“We’re at the precipice of a second internet. The first internet provided very low latency, low-cost access to data. I want to know something, I know it.

This next internet is the internet of matter and being able to move matter with very low latency, low cost, and low impact on society.

When you do that, some really beautiful things happen to society. As you increase access to mobility, the world does better. People do commerce; they can convene and meet and do all the things that are incredibly human.”

Cyrus on the close relationships between mobility and the environment:

“It’s really important to understand where mobility sits in the world of the environment. Mobility is the #1 cause of CO2 emissions…So that’s a really interesting awareness. If you want to be in mobility, you have to be in energy, and if you want to be in energy, you have to be in mobility. These things are not separate anymore.”

Cyrus on why there’s hope in the future of everything:

“We’re inundated with news every day about why we should be scared and why we should be unhopeful about the world we live in. That doesn’t serve us very well.

As a society, we’ve failed ourselves in a lot of ways. We keep telling ourselves why things aren’t good. I’ve got to tell you; I think it’s pretty damn good…It’s hard to be sad about the world with all these incredible new technologies that can help us make the world a better place.”

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