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NewDay USA More Than Doubled Revenue to $300 Million in 1 Year

Case Story

The Scenario

In an industry as fluid as the mortgage business and with economic fluctuations and a global pandemic happening, NewDay USA, a home mortgage lender that offers refinance, zero-down loans, and other options for qualified veterans, worked with their leadership team and coach to set their “record-breaking” huge outrageous targets (HOTs).


The Approach

CEO Coaching International implemented best practices from the proven methodology known as the Make BIG Happen System to drive the BIG growth they were looking for:

  • Used the HOTs to determine the company’s huge outrageous targets.
  • The leadership team implemented biweekly accountability sessions to ensure they are on track toward their HOTs.
  • Utilized the coach as a sounding board and facilitator on planning sessions.
  • Assessed all factors along the way, keeping a close eye on all metrics, and making micro-adjustments with the same HOT top of mind the entire time.

The Results


In 2020, the company more than doubled its revenue to $300 million, up from $152 million in 2019.


NewDay USA made it to The Baltimore Sun’s “Top Workplaces” list in 2021, the fourth time they received the recognition, as well as Inc. 5000’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies in the US.

M&A +

NewDay USA and parent company Chrysalis Holdings, LLC acquired a major stake in INVISR, a leading financial technology business focused on digital transformation.

“NewDay USA is proud to have Sheldon Harris as a key strategic partner. The quality of his counsel, his instincts and the relationship that we share has been invaluable. Sheldon’s understanding of business and leadership has made him a key partner and friend to me and my team.

At the outset of our relationship, Sheldon took the time to learn about NewDay USA’s business model, and the commitment to our team and the veteran families we serve. From helping us plan our company’s Leadership Development Program, to improving our performance management systems, Sheldon has given our team members tremendous tools to take with them as aspiring young leaders. He is foundational to the success and execution of the NewDay USA team’s business strategy”

Rob Posner – CEO, NewDay USA

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Meet Sheldon Harris, the CEO Coaching International Coach behind NewDay USA’s success.
Meet Sheldon Harris
NewDay USA


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Making BIG Happen System In Action

What are your HOTs?

If you don’t know, you better find out. From Vision to Value Proposition to HOTs, check out the first Make BIG Happen System Rhythm – Challenging your Company’s Core Identity.
Case Story

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