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Doubling Profit Margins and Growing New Sales by 87% at Lucent Health

Case Story

The Scenario

Lucent Health has a long-standing reputation for combining best-in-the-industry claims management with compassionate, human-focused, and data-driven care management solutions. However, they were having difficulty growing and operating the business as “one company” after integrating several acquisitions.

CEO and Founder Brett Rodewald stated: “I love the business we created, but I am having a hard time getting the right people, structure, and processes in place to grow to the next level.”


The Approach

CEO Coaching International Partner and Coach Jaime Szulc partnered with the CEO and the executive team to implement best practices from the proven methodology known as the Make BIG Happen System to drive BIG growth:

  • Aligned on a long-term Vision for the business and its respective Growth Levers
  • Organized and facilitated quarterly and annual planning meetings, establishing specific & measurable targets, defining “who does what by when” and clearly defining priorities
  • Created an accountability tracker with leading activities with the sales and client services departments to ensure we are measuring what matters on a regular basis
  • Worked with the CEO on tough leadership decisions and pain points to ensure the best team with the best plan was in place to execute
  • Coached other executives of the leadership team in addition to the CEO
  • Organized and facilitated a thorough performance/potential review of key employees, as means to systematize thorough and aligned people development decisions

The Results


Lucent Health new sales grew 87%.


With less than 1.5 years of coaching, Lucent Health profit margin doubled.


Lucent Health’s client churn reduced by 58%.

“I was recommended to CEO Coaching International by a current client, who was experiencing great results with the engagement with coach Jaime Szulc. The decision to invest the time and resources to work with Jaime and CEO Coaching International was spot on. It has been a game changer for us, and we are seeing a tangible impact in our business results. We are greatly benefiting from the strategic thought process coupled with the right level of structure, focus, alignment, and, accountability within our leadership team.”

Brett Rodewald – CEO, Lucent Health
Make BIG Happen

Get BIG Results

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Case Story

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