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24 Hour Home Care

Case Story

The Scenario

After 10 years in business, the three founders of 24 Hour Home Care wanted to continue expanding, but lacked a clear growth strategy. An attempt to sell the business the year prior fell through.


The Approach

CEO Coaching International worked with the founders to revise and redefine 24 Hour Home Care’s Core Identity and create an aligned 5-year vision. We guided 24 Hour Home Care to execute an effective new strategy that included the following:

  • A revised Unique Value Proposition and related updated pricing strategy
  • An ‘Org Chart of the Future’ that restructured the management team and identified new roles to fill
  • A disciplined, ongoing rhythm of Annual and Quarterly Planning, Execution, and Accountability across the organization
  • One-on-one coaching of the CEO and 5 members of the executive team to promote uniform best practices, overcome unforeseen challenges, leverage new opportunities, and maintain alignment and focus

The Results


24 Hour Home Care more than DOUBLED revenue and increased EBITDA by almost 5X, even through COVID and The Great Resignation.


In October 2021, 24 Hour Home Care entered into a partnership with Alpine International’s portfolio company TEAM, at a valuation more than 5X what they were offered four years earlier.


24 Hour Home Care has been a client for more than 3 years and continues to work with CEO Coaching International in this new chapter of their business.

“The CEO Coaching International team helped us drive very strong growth at 24 Hour Home Care … They have also helped us enormously to improve our teamwork, focus, and accountability as a company.”

–David Allerby, CEO and Co-Founder of24 HourHome Care
Case Story