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6 Companies Making BIG Happen For The Earth

In the face of worldwide climate conversations, some boardrooms and CEOs are tackling complex Environmental, Societal, and Governance (ESG) issues for the first time. For others, environmental matters have been cornerstones of business since Day 1.

In honor of Earth Month, we are spotlighting some of our CEO clients and their companies whose work focuses on supporting the environment. Read on for some of the exciting work they do in the space while achieving BIG growth.



Solar products company Renogy is “on a mission to change the way the world uses energy.” That mission is a bold one – the company hopes to empower 50 million people to achieve energy independence by 2030.

With a line of easy-to-use products like solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and inverters available on their online store, Renogy aims to make that mission, and CEO Yi Li’s dream, an attainable reality for its customers.

Making the company’s mission even more extraordinary are its origins – Renogy began in Yi Li’s dorm room at Louisiana State University, where she was pursuing a doctorate in physics.

Yi was laser-focused on her vision to help people live off the grid and worked tirelessly to grow her company. Working with her CEO Coaching International coach, David Sobel, Yi consistently set new, BIGGER goals and developed the organizational structure and team to get there.

Renogy grew from $25 million to $200 million in revenue in just four years. But that is just the beginning for Yi and the Renogy team. They continue to grow their company while making a BIG impact as pioneers of the solar industry.


CEO Kevin Hamilton

NuEnergen President and CEO Kevin Hamilton and his expert team provide the energy management tools, strategic guidance, insights, and analytics clients need to free themselves from energy supply companies that “take advantage of end-users.”

With deregulation comes energy volatility and complex costs for businesses, governments, and enterprises working to manage operating costs. The NuEnergen team, with a combined experience of over 50 years across all energy sectors, is working to help clients manage this while minimizing risk.

Kevin has maintained world-class, high-touch service for his clients and successfully grown his company by cultivating a team of A-players with both the experience and spirit to Make BIG Happen at NuEnergen.

“I’m not looking for ‘yes’ people,” Kevin said in a 2020 CEO Coaching International podcast. “I’m looking for people who are not afraid to identify issues and recommend solutions.”

It doesn’t matter if those recommendations come from the C-suite or an entry-level analyst. Kevin continuously looks for individuals with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in his quest to provide his clients with the very best energy management and consultation on the planet.


CEO Jonah Greenberger

Since 2014, Silicon Valley-based CEO Jonah Greenberger and his team at Bright have been on a mission to enable residential solar in Mexico. By combining the best technology from Silicon Valley with the “the most innovative talent in Mexico,” Bright is helping its customers make changes that are better for their wallets, health, and the planet.

“Bright provides local installers with the software, tools, and financing they need to put solar on millions of homes at no upfront cost,” Greenbergersays. By empowering local talent in a sunny country with high electricity costs and more affordable labor, Jonah and his powerhouse team are transforming the very way Mexico runs.

Today, Bright is a leader in residential solar, but in August 2021, Jonah announced even BIGGER plans in Mexico Business News– empowering Mexico’s small business market to adopt solar.

“We’ll keep executing this strategy of going after larger markets after we’ve built enough strength and eventually get to a point where we have transformed the fundamental infrastructure for how the world produces electricity,”Jonah wrote.

Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES)

CEO Tony Vlastelica

Led by CEO Tony Vlastelica, Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) is passionate about helping clients identify “low hanging fruit” opportunities to boost operations and eliminate waste by offering energy-efficient lighting solutions.

With their client-centric approach, Tony’s world-class team thrives in navigating the complexities of the facility lighting industry. From installation and system design to incentive management, the CES team helps clients find a customized ” balance between technology, performance, and economics.”

The CES team’s passion for creating more energy and cost-efficient solutions is evident in their recent successes. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CES team tripled its sales from $4M to $12M in just two years, blowing past its $9.1M goal.

With ambitious goals and the heart to reduce energy consumption, there is no limit to the BIG success Tony and team will achieve for their clients and the planet.

Pink Energy

Chief Sales Officer Ben Brookhart

Pink Energy, formerly known as Powerhome Solar, is on a mission to change the way the world is powered.

How? By providing residential and commercial customers with everything they need to “reduce their dependence on the utility grid by allowing them to invest in a solar-powered future.”

Ben Brookhart and his expert team see their mission as two-fold: 1. They aim to help customers save by empowering them to gain independence from the costly grips of big power companies. 2. They are dedicated to ensuring a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come.

While the Pink Energy Team dedicates its energy toward exceeding customer expectations, it has also gained recognition nationwide for outstanding executive leadership and impressive growth from world-class organizations like Inc., Fast Company, and the Charlotte Business Journal.

Pink Energy and Ben Brookhart are proof – when you stick to your core values (P=Positive, I= Inspiring, N= Noble, K=Kind), you can change the worldandgrow a BIG business one solar panel at a time.


CEO, Founder, and Designer Daniel Shemtob

The brainchild of Daniel Shemtob, footwear company Snibbs got its start when the CEO, Founder, and Designer noticed a significant problem and opportunity in his original line of work.

As a chef, Daniel was accustomed to long days on the job and the same disappointing patterns in any footwear he tried – his shoes were either falling apart, left him in pain, or were downright unattractive. 

So Daniel did something about it and created Snibbs. Working with some of the very best designers and developers, Daniel set out to create the perfect workplace shoe. The innovative team at Snibbs has continuously revised their footwear, and now, they’re doing it with the planet in mind.

Snibbs has teamed up with biodegradable technology brand Midori-Bio to produce the first sustainable work shoes. While Daniel and team have always been eco-conscious, integrating the Midori-Bio organic additives will allow Snibbs sneakers to biodegrade in just a few years versus centuries.

Now that’s a BIG win – for Daniel’s company and the planet.

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