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3X Revenue in 2 Years at Contemporary Energy Solutions

Case Story

The Scenario

Energy-efficient lighting company Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) was struggling to get over the $5M annual revenue line and increase profit. Their sales team was not closing enough deals to drive growth. The coach they had on board was not generating results.


The Approach

CEO Coaching International Partner and Coach Jerry Swain implemented best practices from the proven methodology known as the Make BIG Happen System to drive the BIG growth they were looking for:

  • Performed TTI Success Insights assessments to better understand and evaluate the executive and sales team
  • Organized quarterly and annual planning meetings, establishing their true goal targets
  • Created leading activities in their sales department to identify how they are measuring on a regular basis
  • Began running the sales meetings and conducted formal sales training
  • Helped leadership make tough choices in the personnel department to ensure the best team was in place
  • Participated in interviews and created new interviewing processes (including an interview scorecard, TTI assessments, identifying what “success” is for position descriptions, etc.), and advised on key hires
  • Coached other executives (i.e., the COO and VP of Sales) in addition to the CEO

The Results


CES tripled their sales from $4M to $12M in just two years, blowing past their goal of $9.1M.

$ M

CES was able to get over the $5M annual revenue line, all while dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.


With just two years of coaching, the company generated more revenue in 2021 than the previous four years combined.

“Working with Jerry Swain at CEO Coaching International is an investment that resulted in amazing dividends for us in just a few years. Even as a small company, following their proven system led us to achieve bigger growth than we could have imagined. Our coach feels like a true member of the team.”

- Tony Vlastelica
– Tony Vlastelica
Case Story

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