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Renogy grows 8X in revenue in just four years

Case Story
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The Scenario

Yi Li came to the United States from China with a BIG vision—she wanted to make a lasting impact on the world, and she would stop at nothing to do that. Her entrepreneurial journey started from her dorm room at Louisiana State University, where she was pursuing a doctorate in physics.

Though Yi had never run a business before—she was already crystal clear on Make BIG Happen Question 1: What do you want? Her vision? Create a solar energy business to help people live off the grid and reduce their carbon footprint.

The young entrepreneur found early success designing, sourcing, and bringing her products to market via an e-commerce strategy. Before long, she had gained early success on Amazon. It was clear the young leader’s vision had legs and the potential to grow BIG.


The Approach

As her company continued to grow, then plateau, Yi worked with her CEO Coaching International Coach to utilize the two steps in the Org of the Future tool time and again as she continued to set new, BIGGER goals:

Step 1: Map out the organizational structure that is necessary to achieve your long-term HOT. Focus on the roles required rather than the people that will fill them.

Step 2: For each position in the org chart, map out key considerations to prepare for an effective recruiting and hiring process including: necessary experience, probable challenges, potential opportunities, and potential constraints.

By acknowledging key truths and building out her Org of the Future chart as many times as required, Yi was able to work with her recruiting team to update the roles she needed to get where she wanted to go.

The Result

Renogy grew from $25 million to $200 million in revenue in just four years. Yi’s vision has continued to expand and grow since its inception in an LSU dorm room. She continues to Make BIG Happen by evaluating and redesigning her org of the future again and again.
Case Story

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