Greetings! You’re Invited to a World-Class Wine Tasting with CEO Coaching International:

thursday, Jan. 26, 2023
3pm PST / 6pm EST
Vin Social Virtual Venue

Join the Workshop

To successfully lead through these volatile economic times, you must plan and take steps toward “recession inoculation” constantly. Now is not the time to becaught by surprise if the market shifts again.

Join our workshop on January 26 to hear our panel of seasoned CEOs speak about how you can play out different recession scenarios and get ahead of them. For instance, what if your biggest customer goes out of business or your main supplier raises prices?

Learn our best practices and expert strategies for risk mitigation as well as advice on how you can make strategic pivots that will help you drive BIG growth during a downturn.

After the workshop, unwind with an interactive wine tasting. A certified sommelierwill help you travel through the glass to learn about a sustainable, diverse-led winery and the region it comes from. Learn to taste like a sommelier and exploreone of the many fascinating wine regions of the world.

Space is limited so please RSVP no later than January 12 and provide your shipping address for the 2 bottles of wine.

*U.S. Only. Regretfully, by law, we cannot ship internationally or to Utah, South Dakota, Alabama, Kentucky, or Mississippi.