Join CEO Coaching International and our strategic partner MatrixPoint Consulting for a live and educational webcast on optimizing your marketing to unlock greater sales.

As CEO, you can’t afford to let hidden inefficiencies sabotage your success and erode your ROI. Whether you’re struggling to grow, facing rising costs, or missing your goals, identifying and eliminating these pitfalls is crucial to staying competitive and maximizing your company’s potential.

Join CEO Coaching International and MatrixPoint Consulting for an exclusive webcast that uncovers the five potential points of inefficiency in your marketing strategy. Ignoring these could mean lost revenue, wasted resources, and missed opportunities.

Featuring Eran Goren, founder of MatrixPoint Consulting, this webcast will reveal how to spot and address these key areas before they damage your bottom line and ROI:

  • Target Consumer Misalignment: Are you wasting resources on the wrong audience?
  • Ineffective Budget Allocations: Could your marketing budget be misdirected, leading to poor returns?
  • Vendor Relationship Management: Are you getting the best value from your vendors, or are they overcharging and underdelivering?
  • Data and Technology Utilization: Is your data and technology strategy robust, or is it leaving you with missed opportunities and lack of insights?
  • Reporting and Optimization: Are your processes capturing the right results, and can you adjust your strategy effectively?

Don’t let hidden inefficiencies sabotage your success and ROI. Register now and share this critical resource with your team or peers.

MatrixPoint also offers a complimentary marketing assessment to help you uncover and address inefficiencies in your marketing strategy and improve your ROI. Contact Benson Hausman at [email protected] or (347) 843-2193 for more details.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
8 a.m. PDT / 11 a.m. EDT

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Meet Our Host:

Eran Goren

Founder and Managing Partner, MatrixPoint

Eranspearheads the overall strategy, vision, and growth of the MatrixPoint practice. With extensive experience in marketing and analytics, and a deep understanding of how technology is revolutionizing customer acquisition and retention, Eran and his team focus on addressing critical pain points, optimizing resources, identifying growth opportunities, and increasing efficiencies.

Eran is also a founding partner at Insight Ventures, LLC (business incubator), and the President and Chief Digital Officer for USIM. His previous roles include CEO and Founder of enCircle Media (acquired by USIM), CEO of sourceOut (acquired by Red McCombs Media), Director at iVenturi (software company spun-off by Dow Chemical and Andersen Consulting), and VP of Business Development at Ontero (Web Portal provider).

An active member of YPO Orange County Chapter for 14 years, Eran has served on the board for 6 years, in addition to numerous corporate boards.