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CEO Coaching International Reaches Milestone of 500 Active Clients

MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 7, 2022 — CEO Coaching International, the leading executive coaching firm for growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs globally, is pleased toannounce that it has reached a new milestone by onboarding its 500th active client company. The firm’s clients include companies ranging in size from startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations, and together represent over $48 billion in revenue, $4.9 billion in EBITDA, and more than 218,000 employees.

“I’m so proud of our team and all the hard work that’s helped us get to this significant milestone,” said Mark Moses, CEO and Founding Partner of CEO Coaching International. “When I first started coaching entrepreneurs back in 2008, I never dreamed of building a business. I was just looking for something meaningful to do, something that would help other people and provide me flexibility to live the life I really wanted after spending a lifetime as an entrepreneur. It’s amazing to think about what a BIG impact we as an organization are having around the world today.”

This milestone rounds out an exciting year for CEO Coaching International, which celebrated many notable accomplishments, including:

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About CEO Coaching International

CEO Coaching International works with CEOs and their leadership teams to achieve extraordinary results quarter after quarter, year after year. Known globally for its success in coaching growth-focused entrepreneurs to meaningful exits, CEO Coaching International has coached more than 1,000 CEOs and entrepreneurs in more than 60 countries and 45 industries. The coaches at CEO Coaching International are former CEOs, presidents, or executives who have made BIG happen. The firm’s coaches have led double-digit sales and profit growth in businesses ranging in size from startups to over $10 billion, and many are founders that have led their companies through successful eight, nine, and ten-figure exits. Companies working with CEO Coaching International for two years or more have experienced an average EBITDA CAGR of 67.8% during their time as a client, nearly four times the U.S. average and a revenue CAGR of 25.5%, more than twice the U.S. average.

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