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5 Steps to BIG Growth During a Recession

5 Steps to BIG Growth During a Recession

A Recession is coming, and it’s your job as a CEO and leader to face it head on.

Inflation is at a 40-year high. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the annual inflation rate for the United States was 8.6% in May, up from 8.3% in April. Retail sales were down 0.3% in May, another negative leading indicator. The stock market, as everybody knows, continues its downward trend as all major indexes drop. Year-to-date, the Dow Jones is down over 17%, the S&P is down 23%, and the NASDAQ is down 32%.

A wave of layoffs is sweeping the U.S. and the globe. It is overwhelming to hear about just a few of the companies that have had massive layoffs:

1. Peloton has laid off approximately 2,800 people
2. Real estate brokerage Redfin laid off 470 people, 10% of its workforce
3. Coinbase announced plans to reduce its workforce by 18%
4. Online car dealer Carvana laid off 2,500 people or 12% of its workforce

On top of that, lingering supply chain issues revealed by COVID, combined with higher oil and gas costs, are exacerbating already fraught networks. International and domestic political turbulence is disrupting business and causing critical humanitarian concerns. Credit card and auto loan defaults are climbing.

The point here is that this thing is real, it’s global, and it’s affecting all industries. Even if you think you’re immune, your customers or vendors might not be, and you need to prepare.

That’s why we’ve developed our new eBook,“CEO Playbook to Drive BIG Growth During a Recession.”

Filled with wisdom and battle-tested insights from our world-class coaches, all former CEOs, this5-Step playbook will help any CEO prepare, overcome, and conquer the impending recession with key tools and information such as:

1. Building a cash bridge
2. Maintaining a “Triple-A” supply chain
3. Reevaluating your pricing strategy
4. Creating a sales roadmap, plan, and playbook
5. And more!

Remember: There are three kinds of people. Those who Make BIG Happen, those that let things happen, and those who ask, “what happened?” Which category do you want to be in?

Download the Free Ebook

Get the full set of resources and tools from our team of coaches who are all former CEOs, Presidents, and Founders to help you grow BIG even during the downturn.

Download our new eBook, “CEO Playbook to Drive BIG Growth During a Recession.”

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