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Clear Communication Academy


Clear Communication Academy helps leaders and businesses transform their speaking.

Clear Communication Academy helps leaders and businesses perfect their public speaking and communication skills to ENGAGE, MOTIVATE and PERSUADE.

From public speaking classes and corporate communication to storytelling skills and event preparation, at CCA we give you practical tools and actionable strategies to inspire your team, captivate your audience and improve business performance. We are invested in making you and your team clear, effective communicators through public speaking training, media training, corporate communication skills, and key messaging strategies via public speaking courses online and in-person training. We capture attention using the science and psychology behind how the brain works. We build presence and engage audiences using years of theater training. We structure and tell stories so they resonate using Hollywood storytelling tactics. We make you an exceptional communicator. We are in this with you.

For over a decade, we have helped thousands of people in more than 50 countries including CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, Executives, and Public Figures to become master communicators and persuasive presenters who are able to capture and hold people’s attention whether it is in a BOARDROOM or on a STAGE.
The team at CCA will help you learn how to Define and Deliver your message to your audience and supercharge your growth.

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LaQuita Cleare
(818) 934-0186​
[email protected]

Clear Communication Academy
Los Angeles, CA



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