Greetings! You’re Invited to a World-Class Coffee Tasting with CEO Coaching International:

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023
3pm PST / 6pm EST
Vin Social Virtual Venue

What to Expect

Private equity firms require a unique set of skills for CEOs. Their vision for the company may have nothing to do with your team, your customers, or other measures of success you’re accustomed to. It can all be a recipe for disaster, especially in this volatile economic climate.

On January 10, join our panel of seasoned portfolio CEOs for a masterclass on how to succeed as a PE-backed CEO.

Experience coaching first-hand, hear from other CEOs in your position, and get the insight you need to boost your business.

After the workshop, enjoy a premium coffee-tasting class led by an expert instructor who will provide a brief background on the science of coffee, highlight the difference between regional coffees, and discuss different brewing techniques.

Prior to the event, you will receive a Mueller electric kettle, pour-over coffee-making dripper, measuring spoon, and three pouches of fair trade, sustainably sourced YIELD coffee.

Space is limited so please RSVP no later than December 23 and provide your shipping address for the coffee-tasting kit.

*U.S. and Canada Only.