Our Offers From

2024 Make BIG Happen Summit

Thank you for your interest in the Make BIG Happen Summit. Below are a collection of offers from our 2024 speakers for our community to enjoy!


Preeminent Tech and Longevity Expert Peter Diamandis offered a copy of the Presentation Slides along with his Longevity Practices PDF.

Speakers_Duotone_010824_0004_K Roman

Psychedelic Industry Entrepreneur Kaia Roman offers the CEO Coaching International community a free consultation to explore what’s possible with psychedelic medicine for their personal peak performance.

Speakers_Duotone_010824_0006_Dr Robyne

Resiliency and Workplace Wellness Expert Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe welcomes our community to contact her with questions.


The Updated edition of Rajeev Kapur’s book, AI Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Generative Intelligence (2nd Edition) just came out. It’s updated with information on Co-Pilot, Chat CPT Store, and more info on issues like Deepfakes. Stay tuned for a webcast with Rajeev on May 29!

rob follows

Rob Follows, Founder/Chairman of STS Capital Partners, invites you to be an early reader of his upcoming book, What is Your Everest.


If you were inspired by the mission shared by speakers Britnie Turner and Jeremy Locke, there is still time to be a Force for Good and donate to their efforts!