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How to Win BIG as a New CEO

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Stepping into a new CEO role comes with lofty expectations. Everyone, from investors to your team, expects you to “hit the ground running.” This five-step CEO playbook will help you do just that.


In this complimentary eBook, you will learn the keys to making an impact from day one in your new CEO role, whether this is your first time or your fiftieth:

✓ What your job really is as CEO
✓ How to set a vision that sticks
✓ Why asking the tough questions matters
✓ When to lean in to your team—and when to do it yourself
✓ And more!

Those first 100 days of your tenure are crucial. But the key for a new CEO to succeed is to focus on strategy, not speed. This is your best opportunity to shape the future of the company, so don’t waste it.

This CEO playbook is filled with the wisdom and insights from our world-class coaches, all former CEOs who know what it’s like to join or start a new organization and say, “Now what?” Use their expertise as guidance to win BIG from the beginning.

If you have questions as you read the eBook, or want to talk through your ideas as you get started in your new position from someone who has been there before, our coaches are available for a complimentary, no obligation session.

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At CEO Coaching International, we help new and seasoned CEOs set high goals and achieve extraordinary results in both their business and personal lives. Known world-wide for our consistent success in coaching growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs to meaningful exits, we have coached CEOs of every size, model, industry and growth stage around the globe. Our executive coaches are former CEOs, entrepreneurs, presidents, or company founders who have led double-digit sales and profit growth ranging in size from startups to over $10 billion. Our 1:1 coaching method, Make BIG Happen System, Strategic Planning sessions, world-wide executive community and proven executive coaching framework help you work smarter, and inspire elite success. Gain a fresh perspective and a gigantic advantage with a dedicated executive coach.