Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball Exercise is the key exercise CEOs use to determine what they want to accomplish and it provides clarity on what needs to get done to make BIG goals a reality.

If you’ve arrived at the end of this year realizing that you didn’t accomplish your business goals, DON’T let that happen again next year. It’s time to plan how to Make BIG Happen in 2024. The Crystal Ball Exercise is the key tool CEOs use to determine what they want to accomplish. It provides clarity on what needs to get done to make BIG goals a reality.

As you work through the Crystal Ball Exercise, you’ll also start answering the first two questions in our Making BIG Happen System:

What do I want?
What do I have to do?

Having clear answers is extremely important right now as CEOs continue to assess the opportunities available to them in this disrupted global marketplace. You can use the Crystal Ball Exercise on two different time horizons.

First, you can zoom out to 3, 5, or 10 years into the future and use it to build your vision.

Second, you can zoom in on the next 12 months and determine what you need to do over the next 12 months so you will be on track to hit that 3, 5, or 10-year vision you identified in the zoom out part.

In both scenarios, the Crystal Ball Exercise is an essential first step that will bring your BIG goals and the necessary leading activities into focus.

Your 2024 Crystal Ball
Let’s start with this New Year. Imagine that you look into a Crystal Ball and see one year into the future. You’ve got a great year ahead of you, potentially your BIGGEST ever.

Now, write down what you see.

Step 1: It’s December 31, 2024. You and your team are celebrating … What? What are the 2-3 specific, measurable outcomes that made 2024 your best year?

The key words here are “specific” and “measurable.” If you can’t “see” your targets clearly and track your progress towards them, they’ll be impossible to hit. Instead of celebrating at the end of the year, you’ll still be stuck at square one.

Step 2: For each of the outcomes you saw in Step One, what are the top two specific and measurable activities you executed that led to the achievement of your BIG annual goals?

See BIG? Now, Make it Happen.
The most impactful tools are often the simplest.

Companies that lack Crystal Ball clarity tend to set fuzzy goals that are not enthusiastically embraced by either the executive team or by the rest of the company. The result is “meh” performance year after year.

But when you’re looking into your Crystal Ball and you can see the future you want for your company, all the noise and distractions will fade away. You’ll zero in on goals that will lead to exponential growth as well as the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly steps you and your team need to focus your energy on.

Of course, seeing those goals and actions is just the beginning. CEO Coaching International’s proven Rhythms and Tools provide a dependable blueprint that will drive consistent execution, build a culture of accountability, and Make BIG Happen for your business in 2024.

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