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Go Team helps high growth-oriented businesses in Australia, UK, and USA to extend their office in the enhanced productivity culture of our Philippines offices.

When the Australian entrepreneur Matt Kesby started an enhanced operations business in 2014, he chose a name that began with GO, a clear call to set the direction, take charge, own your destiny. After nearly eight years as GO Virtual Assistants (GO-VA), Matt along with his sister, CEO/Co-Founder Fiona Kesby, thought it was time for a refresh.

Yet they didn’t want to let go of “GO.” Our new name, GO Team, really brings forward the definition of who we are.

GO Teams are the ones people choose first to solve problems and deliver results. At the start, the business worked mainly with virtual assistants. We have grown and gained depth since then. We are accountants, software developers, admin gurus, operations ninjas, 3D drafters, engineers, leaders, parents, visionaries, executors, results winners.

We GO after exceptional results and lean on our values to deliver them. The core of what we do hasn’t changed. We find the top talent in the field so that all business owners can have the opportunity to outsource tasks effectively—without the high costs of setting up a business abroad. Or the loss of control that full outsourcing triggers.

In 2021, we became a Great Place to Work certified organization on our first attempt! Our team members and the clients whose businesses we help scale benefit from Fiona’s deep experience (more than 20 years) in recruitment and her obsession with getting the culture right.

Combine that with Matt’s experience as an execution practice leader for FranklinCovey, a global leader in effectiveness training and consulting in strategy and execution —plus his obsession with technology. And what you’ve got is an engaged, highly skilled, and always-learning team that delivers exceptional results; that will GO above and beyond to get exceptional things done.

We believe in the power of People + Technology. We believe in being champions for creating remarkable progress.

We are your GO Team!

Global Office finds the top talent in the field, from among whom their clients choose who they’ll work with. Clients also decide how the work will be performed.

How do you sustain and strengthen a kind, caring, and high-performance culture in a distributed team? That’s the challenge Global Office’s leaders have embraced.

At its core, the philosophy remains the same. Bring together growth-stage businesses in Australia, NZ, UK, US, Singapore, and practically anywhere in the world with remarkable teammates in the Philippines, who possess a broad range of skills. This way, more businesses can execute on their strategy, scale, and find their place in a new world teeming with opportunities.

Contact and Downloads

Fiona Kesby
[email protected]

Global Office
9th Flr, i1 Building, Jose Ma. del Mar Street
Cebu IT Park, Cebu City 6000 Philippines



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