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Arcanys enables tech-first companies with in-house-like, highly-vetted software teams without the recruitment, payroll, and retention hassles.

We are a Swiss-led software development & IT staff augmentation firm based in the Philippines.

We work with ambitious companies that are ready to enhance their technology output and prepare for accelerated business growth. As a long-term strategic partner, we reinforce their software development operations by supplementing their existing teams with the top 5% of IT talent in the Philippines. With a successful placement rate of 95%, we fill positions 10 times faster, and we offer an average cost savings of 56% compared to local hiring. At our core, we prioritize talent retention, boasting an attrition rate that never exceeds 10%.

We do not work in a vendor-buyer type of relationship. We treat your goals as our own and are not afraid to speak our minds in the interest of your success. Our clients see the best results this way, and you can see for yourself.

We complement our core expertise with technical and business mentorship, business analysis, design, and other delivery and support services. Since 2010, we have helped more than 200 companies worldwide, from startups to enterprises. In short, our services are the following:

We also invest sweat equity (software development and digital marketing services)  in tech startups or scale-ups through Arcanys Ventures.

Contact and Downloads

Frederic Joye
Co-Founder and President
+63 32-416-5414
[email protected]


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