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Think of the team at AKCEL Partners as your off-site sales department. We find, hire and manage highly networked salespeople who have deep experience in your market. We become immersed in your business and drive both short and long-term revenue giving you maximum growth without the overhead of full-time employees.

We offer strategic sales planning combined with experienced, highly networked sales professionals who give clients immediate access to targeted decision-makers. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ short- and long-term revenue goals.Ask anyone who has a product or service to sell and they’ll tell you that Bob Dylan’s classic is as relevant today as it was in the 60’s. The path to recovery from the global pandemic is slowly evolving but the “new normal”, although a comforting concept, has yet to truly emerge. Businesses and consumers are rethinking everything, including how they work and buy, and these decisions will further reshape the marketplace. Companies in all industries must maximize flexibility and minimize response time in order to react effectively and take advantage of changing customer habits and patterns.

Operating without certainty puts tremendous pressures on a business. The difficult labor market makes building an internal sales force difficult at best. Finding experienced candidates who can adapt to changing business models can be particularly challenging. At AKCEL Partners, we specialize in knowing and engaging the best salespeople, regardless of industry. Our team is made up of proven sellers who are highly networked in their markets. As your off-site Sales Department, AKCEL Partners hits the ground running to help capture both short and long-term opportunities.

Companies simply cannot afford to sit still and wait for the new normal to show up. AKCEL Partners can bridge the gap, generating meaningful returns quickly and establishing strong relationships that will outlast any bumps in our emerging future.

Our Clients Tell Us That We Have Driven Their Business In Three Significant Ways:

1. We know the right people.
AKCEL executives and salespeople are tapped into our accounts, boasting decades of cumulative experience and robust contact lists. If we don’t happen to know a target customer, we know how to find someone who does.

2. We know how to get there.
We have the skills and tools to create and sell the programs that respond to market needs, even as those needs evolve.

3. We get there faster.
Our learning curve is incredibly short. Approve our robust sales plan and we start working immediately, quickly achieving both short and long-term goals.

Contact and Downloads

Barth Getto
(603) 674-1260
[email protected]

AKCEL Partners
3905 W. Friendly Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27401



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