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71 LBS


71 Lbs helps thousands of companies save nearly $50MM in shipping costs and provide insights and data to help them make better business decisions.

71lbs is dedicated to the customer experience and helping businesses save money while helping them gain a better understanding of their shipping costs. Our team will fight for due savings.

Whether it’s helping you negotiate your FedEx/UPS carrier agreement or get due refunds such as late delivery, lost/damaged, invoice errors, or Amazon refunds, we are here to support you. Our services are contingency-based, meaning we only get paid AFTER we’ve saved you money first. 71lbs requires no contracts, no minimum shipping amounts, and no sign-up fees. We are proud to serve over 5,000 customers.

We keep the carriers honest. Understanding a shipping invoice is very complicated. We advocate for our customers to ensure their surcharges, fees, and costs are what they should be.
Our team members do whatever is within our capabilities to provide the best service to our customers, while holding the carrier accountable when they have made an error costing you more money.
As business owners ourselves, we understand how the lack of appropriate resources impacts the bottom line. We advocate for our customers to ensure they are paying what is appropriate on their agreements and shipping charges based upon their shipping spend.

Our Services:

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Jose Li
(305) 397-5124
[email protected]

71 LBS
510 Shotgun Rd,
Suite 301,
Sunrise, FL, 33326



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