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You’re invited to an exclusive negotiation masterclass.

Thursday, May 4
Nobu Hotel
Miami Beach
10am – 9pm

When you’re the CEO, nearly every business conversation you have is a negotiation. Employees, competitors, board members, customers — everyone wants something that you may or may not want to give, and vice-versa.

Your ability to keep your cool, maintain focus, and reach the best agreements for your business is imperative for you as a leader. But what happens when the negotiations seem impossible?

Join our exclusive event, CEO Masterclass: Negotiating the Impossible, to discover how to find the potential solutions in any dispute, no matter how hopeless, high stakes, or protracted it may seem.

Led by Harvard Business School professor and renowned author, Deepak Malhotra, the one-day program will leave you with both the confidence and the tools to negotiate more effectively—even in the most challenging environments.

Thursday, May 4 | Nobu Hotel Miami Beach

10am – 9pm | $1,250


In this one-day event, based on his acclaimed book, Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (Without Money or Muscle), Malhotra will identify principles for breaking impasses and resolving conflicts when things seem impossible, and provide scores of actionable lessons from behind-the-scenes stories of fascinating negotiations from history, business, sports, and other domains.

He will also demonstrate how these same principles and tactics can be applied in everyday life, whether you are making corporate deals, negotiating job offers, resolving business disputes, tackling obstacles in personal relationships, or even negotiating with children.

End the day with dinner and networking with your fellow CEOs and business leaders.



Deepak Malhotra

Deepak Malhotra is the Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. His teaching, research and advisory work is focused on negotiation, deal-making, conflict resolution, and diplomacy. In 2020, Deepak was named “MBA Professor of the Year” (worldwide) byPoets & Quants. He has won numerous awards for his teaching & research and has been selected by Harvard MBA students to give the end-of-year speech to the graduating class multiple times.

Deepak is also the best-selling author of four award-winning books. His latest,The Peacemaker’s Code,is currently being developed as a TV series. Deepak’s research has been published in top journals in the fields of management, psychology, conflict resolution, and foreign policy. He also serves as Faculty Chair for the Owner/President Management Program (at HBS) for business owners and entrepreneurs. Outside HBS, Deepak is a trainer, consultant, and advisor to firms & CEOs across the globe, and an advisor to governments that are trying to negotiate an end to protracted & intractable armed conflicts.

Deepak’s Books Include:

  1. Negotiation Genius, recipient of the “Outstanding Book Award” by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution.
  2. Negotiating the Impossible, recipient of the “Outstanding Book Award” by the International Association of Conflict Management; named “#1 Business Book of 2016” by KnowSquare.
  3. I Moved Your Cheese, aWall Street JournalBestseller.
  4. The Peacemaker’s Code, winner of the “National Indie Excellence Award” for best science fiction book of 2021.


8:30 – 10am:
Breakfast available

10am – 12pm: Negotiating the Impossible
Stories and situations about difficult negotiations and how to get out of them with actionable takeaways

12 – 1pm:

1 – 3pm: Negotiating in the Face of Resistance
Interactive session on how to negotiate with people who are risk averse, when you don’t have enough trust

3 – 4pm:
Fireside chat and audience Q&A

4 – 5pm:

6 – 9pm:
Dinner and Networking


What is CEO Masterclass: Negotiating the Impossible?

CEO Masterclasses are our new event series. During these all-day, in-person sessions, we will invite a renowned speaker to provide an all-day workshop to our community on a valuable topic, culminating in dinner and networking. Negotiating the Impossible is the first edition of this new series.

Who is Invited?

CEO Coaching International clients, their executive teams, strategic partners, coaches, as well as prospective clients.

Can I Bring My Spouse or Business Partner?

Yes. Simply purchase a ticket for each person you would like to attend the event.

How Much is It?

Each ticket is $1,250.

Are There Any Discounts?

We will provide a discount to groups looking to purchase 5 tickets or more. Reach out to [email protected] if you would like to request more information about this.

Do Clients Receive a Complimentary Ticket?

This event is outside of our normal community events calendar and so every attendee will pay $1,250 per ticket regardless of client status.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

You may cancel your ticket and receive a full refund until April 13, 2023. After that, the tickets are non-refundable.


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