Jean-Louis Guillou

Former President Director of Cargill Indonesia



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Jean-Louis Guillou is a global senior executive with over 20 years of experience scaling operations and future-proofing business models in Fortune 500 and startup companies. He has a unique approach to coaching and business consultancy focused on innovation and restructuring companies by moving away from linear models to ones that are more easily scalable and eventually exponential. He works with approaches that are industry agnostic, but many of his projects have focused on agriculture, banking, fintech, and blockchain across the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

He is highly skilled at operating in complex, multicultural environments, and navigating commercial and public policy issues in board rooms and across volatile regional regulatory environments. However, in doing so, he often works from a sports-inspired perspective where he helps individuals and teams develop confidence in their ability to deliver future-proofed strategies and solutions. What he has done for top athletes, he can do for CEOs who want to be at the top of their game. Working with Jean-Louis, executives learn how to keep their business leadership approaches mission-driven and to create environments where employee teams deliver desired results because they enjoy and see value in what they do.

Jean-Louis has consistently delivered high-growth profitable commercial outcomes, including fostering inter-business collaboration and innovation and orchestrating large-scale acquisitions and multi-million-dollar turnarounds.

Business Highlights:

  • Led Cargill’s Indonesian strategic growth initiatives over a five-year time period (2011-2016) resulting in revenues doubling from $750M to $1.5B.
  • Designed Cargill’s ESG strategy in Indonesia, which subsequently served as a blueprint for Cargill’s global ESG framework.
  • Spearheaded an award-winning, multi-business unit team that designed and rolled out Cargill’s global Web 2.0 architecture.
  • Founding board member at PISAgro/Grow Asia responsible for developing and implementing the WEF’s Grow Asia “New Vision for Agriculture” => food security, environmental sustainability, and economic opportunity.
  • Advised the Indonesian President and U.S. Ambassador on how to best promote sustainable agricultural commodity supply chains and food safety across the Indonesian archipelago.
  • Developed the leading U.S. equity franchise for UBS France, Belgium, and Luxembourg with over 20% market share and then did it again in the UK with UK-based hedge funds.

Jean-Louis is an active member of YPO, serving as Learning, Communications, Mentoring, and Forum Officer for two chapters (PAN Asia & ASEAN United) and one Impact Network (People Action Network). Over the past three years, he has coached/led workshops & forum retreats for over 150 CEOs aiming to help leaders drive up engagement levels while cultivating performance growth mindsets.

Before embarking on a business career, Jean-Louis was a professional tennis player and then a coach to internationally ranked junior and professional players. He now is a mental performance coach for the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s women’s golf team and continues to compete in triathlons.